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Full Version: Rules
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Jackal Dark RP is here to give you a fun experience, and in order to implement that we must have a set number of rules. Some of the normal rules seen have been cut, or laxxed back in order to give a good experience for new and old players alike.

General Rules:

1. Do not Random deathmatch (RDM)
2. Do not random arrest (RDA)
3. Do not hack/cheat/exploit/metagame
4. Do not threaten the server with DDOS, DOS, Backdoors, etc.
5. Keep racism, sexism or homophobia to a minimum.
6. Do not advertise.
7. FearRP is active during mug or kidnap, but can be broken if a plan is in effect.
8. Propminge is not allowed, including propclimb, surfing, proppush, killing, blocking, etc.
9. Do not abuse spawn protection.
10. Do not mic spam.
11. Do not use symbols that can't be typed in your name.
12. As mayor, you may create any laws that can be enforced through the police except for laws that contradict these rules.
13. You may use /advert warn 1/2/3 but must wait 5 seconds between each warn.
14. While defending your base, you are allowed to shoot intruders.
15. /advert binds must be descriptive of what you are doing.
16. Do not argue in OOC
17. Baiting for RDM or RDA is not allowed.

Basing Rules:

1. Buildings are limited to 3 fading doors.
2. Overlapped doors are not allowed.
3. Crouch/jump/air bases are not allowed.
4. Building sign only excludes you from raids if you do not have any raidables.
5. Keypads must be near the door they control, and clearly labeled.
6. One way see through props are allowed, as are doors.
7. Megabases are allowed but may ONLY include 2 buildings at most.
8. KOS signs, doorways and keypads must all be clearly visible.
9. Fading doors/entrances or exits must be clearly labeled or identifiable.
10. Your base can not use any material that disorientates raiders. (I.E. Black box)
11. Unless it is an apartment, you may not own any other doors in the same building.
12. You may prop block all entrances except for one, which is a clearly marked entrance.
13. Any entrances must be reachable without the use of props or sweps.
14. If someone has entered your KOS area, you may kill them even after leaving.
15. You may not build in someone else's property unless given permission.
16. Maze bases are not allowed.
17. To defend a base, your name must be on the front entrance door.

Job Rules:

1. Criminals, select VIP jobs, Nazis, Communists and custom jobs are the only jobs allowed to mug or raid.
2. You may self supply as gun dealer, but only with the intention of playing the job. You may not switch off of it after self supplying.
3. Pet's must have owners, and cannot be "stray", biting everyone they see.
4. Nazis and Communists are not allowed to base without their leaders.
5. Hobos are the only ones allowed to build in public.

Raiding Rules:

1. You must advert when raiding.
2. Multi binds are allowed. (I.E. Raid/Raid over)
3. When killed during a raid, you may not return until the raid is over.
4. Attackers/Defenders may Not build during a raid.
5. Using fading door binds during a raid is Fading Door Abuse (FDA) and is punishable.
6. Raid cool down is 10 minutes, while same base raid cool down is 15 minutes.
7. To raid as a police officer, you must issue a warrant for illegal activities.

Mugging Rules:

1. Max mugging amount is 10k
2. The victim must be made aware they are being mugged.
3. Mugging cool down is 5 minutes, while 10 minutes for the same person.
4. You can not mug someone who has a gun out.
5. KOS in mugging is only an option if the victim attempts to defend themselves.
6. You require a weapon to mug.

Nazi/Communist Rules:

1. Nazis and Communists must base with their respective leader whenever they are present, otherwise they may not base.
2. Both sides may war if they agree for it.
3. Kidnap rules are the same.

Terror Rules:

1. Terror last until you are over, even if you advert over you are KOS
2. You must advert terror before killing.
3. Terror cool down is 10 minutes after death.
4. Terrorists may team up during terror.