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Title: Guide
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Welcome to Jackal GMod RP!

In this post, several things will be covered that will be helpful in beginning your journey on the server.

Jackal Star Wars Clone Wars is a star wars roleplay server that is aiming to give you a unique, fun and friendly experience in garry's mod. We will attempt to give you the best of all seriousrp in gmod, including active and passive roleplay situations, to make sure every user is not bored or loses interest in the server.

Once you have first joined, there is a couple things you will need to know in order to obtain and uphold your best efforts in our "SeriousRP" situations.


Grappling hooks
Smart Disease Mod
TFA Weapons
CW Vehicles


101st - Basic battalion, all are placed into it upon first arrival.
31st - Main attack battalion, all here will be doing the majority of forward offense or defense in events.
5th Fleet - The miscellaneous battalion, they cover anything from military police, base operations, even to escort.
104th - The special operations of our server, they will be sent into higher demanding missions while gaining the respect from it.


Captain - The leader of a branch, this is the highest rank in the server and in turn they are a part of the high council.
Lieutenant - The second highest rank in every branch, most delegations go to them.
Warrant Officer - Middle of NCO ranks, they command and help out their higher ups, as with Sergeants and their organization.
Sergeant - Main lead of basic enlisted men, they organize and keep them in order.
Corporal - 
Specialist - 
Private First Class - 
Private - 

Clearance Levels

Zeta - 
Delta - 
Gamma - 
Beta - 
Alpha - Any civilians or trainee units, they have close to no permissions in the base and as such are not allowed to go anywhere without an escort.

Chat Commands

/me - Used to express your characters action through roleplay scenarios otherwise incapable of being achieved.
/it - Used to describe 3rd person actions, such as describing your surrounding area or what may be going on without including your character.
/roll - Used in order to determine the victor in a roleplay situation, the highest number achieved is the victor in any situation a /roll is used.
/ooc or // - Used to talk in out of character chat, it is a global chat that nothing is in roleplay and chat between players can be achieved.
@ - Admin chat, it is used to talk to or get assistance from any staff members currently on the server.

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