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Title: Rules
Thread Modes
General Rules:

1. Do not start or entice any Random Death Matches (RDM) with other players. This entails shooting or damaging another player through unintentional or intentional means.
2. Do not Fail RP which entices breaking character, suiciding, ignoring a situation or disconnecting is all considered FailRP and is a bannable offense.
3. Do not break NLR, which entices dying in a situation, then returning to said area or roleplay scenario directly after death.
4. Do not ignore a /me in any situation, this is a serious offense and is considered FailRP.
5. In any situation, do not powergame, which involves doing overpowered actions in a roleplay scenario (Ex: "I shoot all 7 people in the head, killing them instantly")
6. If there is a chance factor in any /me action played, then /roll must be used by both parties.
7. Do not mic or chat spam.
8. Do not spawn kill or trap players in their spawn.
9. Do not joke about DDoS or DOXXing, even in roleplay situations this is a permanent bannable offense.
10. Do not encourage any other players to break rules.
11. You must abide by FearRP.
12. Attacking or harassing players personally is only okay through roleplay.
13. Do not body block any door.
14. Do not meta-game any situation, which entices using out of character information, in character.
15. Lying about donating is a permanent ban with no appeal.
16. You may not create any other factions or battalions without specific approval from high command.
17. It is FailRP to defect to another faction or side without specific approval from high command, doing so will result in removal of whitelist.
18. You must speak english as your character and OOC.
19. You can't use multiple binds in one bind. (Ex: /me I attack/detain/knock you out)
20. You must use different names if you have several characters.
21. You may not have any robotic/cybernetic enhancements or changes to your player without character authorizations.
22. Suicide in a RP situation is ALWAYS considered a PK.
23. The staff team can administer punishment if they feel RP is being disrupted. 
24. If something is not in the rules or does not have enough clarification, staff have the final say.

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