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Title: MOTD
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Welcome to Jackal Dark RP!

In order to get rid of errors, do '!addons' in chat and subscribe to the workshop content.

We at Jackal are here to try and give you the best darkrp role play around, from uniqueness to friendliness.

Here is a quick run down of addons that are in this server:

Advanced Mining System
A mining system in which you will find rocks around the map with a factory where you can process and sell the ores. People will be able to steal your money from the factory so watch out!
An editor for certain player models where you can look how you want as most jobs! It uses closets around the map, most notably in spawn.
City Worker:
A job in which you can roam the city, fixing issues as they arise while being paid to do so! These issues will challenge you in how you will even get to some of them.
Crate Unbox:
An unboxing system in which you can purchase or find crates, and with said crates you can unbox various things such as ammo, weapons or cs:go knives!
A questing system in which you can make money from. These quests can range in what you will be doing, to how much you will be making.
Kevlar Factory:
A addon in which you can make, then use or sell kevlar. They are fairly easy to make with a good armor bonus given if used.
LSD Mod:
A drug mod in which you are able to craft, sell and use LSD. The prices are moderate with the making time as well being moderately slow.
If you want to make a gang with your friends or other people, then this addon is you. With this addon, you can create custom gangs while putting your money, weapons and even entities in the gang vault, storing it away safely.
Smart Disease Mod:
Have you ever wanted a little chaos in your life? Then this addon will give you just that. Through various methods, you will have the chance of catching several types of diseases, with each having their own chance of spreading and wiping out the whole town.
An in depth drug addon in which you will be able to grow, sell and use weed. Although it is in depth, it is not as complicated as other drug mods and is a quick and easy way to get a little extra cash.
Zero's Methlab:
A pleasing, easy to use, and money efficient meth addon. It may take some time but the pay off in the end is worth it, with a good amount of cash being given for each bag of meth that is used. Be sure to hide this well, as it can very easily be stolen!

With all these special addons in place in our server, we thought it best fit to give specific, well thought out rules that will give the players an understanding of what to and what not to do in certain situations. As such with these given rules, we thought it best to relax them so more people can have more fun without breaking the rules. 

We understand these addons can be confusing, and as such a sort of "guide" will be gone through for each of the addons needed, giving you context and how to use said addon.

Advanced Mining System:
 1. Become the miner job.
 2. Find some rocks scattered throughout the map.
3. Mine said rocks, putting any ore in the cart which is purchasable through the F4 menu.
4. After filling up the cart, put it inside the factory which is located close to the rocks.
5. Wait until the factory is done, then press E, collecting your profits.

Crate Unbox:
1. Type !unbox in chat.
2. If you have gotten one from random chance, or have purchased one before, then click unbox and collect your prize.
3. Click the arrow in the top left to view all your items.

Kevlar Factory:
1. Become a kevlar dealer so you can access the items in F4 menu
2. Purchase a furnace, loom and conveyor.
3. Purchase clay, putting it into the furnace to smelt into ceramic plates.
4. Put cloth into the loom, making it into kevlar.
5. Put the required amount of kevlar and ceramic plates into the conveyor, making it into a bulletproof vest.
6. If you would like to store or sell them, put the vest into the box found in F4 menu, then pressing E on the box with kevlar.


LSD Mod:
1. Become a job that has access to the cellphone (LSD Cook)
2. With the cellphone, access it and purchase required items to make LSD.
3. As you are making LSD, it will guide you along in the process, telling you what to do.
4. Once you have finished, you can either sell the full strip of 4, or consume one if you would like.

1. In chat you will need to type !gangcreate.
2. After making a gang, type !gang to access the menu for it.
3. Customize it to your liking, inviting people as you go.
4. In order for others to join, they must be invited then type !ganginvite, showing a menu for them.
5. They can then accept or deny the invite, joining the gang.

1. In order to grow weed, you must become a job that has access to it in the F4 menu. (Criminals)
2. After becoming a criminal, purchase a pot, light and seed.
3. With these, grow the weed, using a scale if you want to know the exact accuracy of the grams.
4. With the bud, you can make it into either a joint, bowl, edible, or sell it to a weed dealer.

Zero's Methlab:
1. Become a job with the ability to spawn meth items. (Meth Cook)
2. Spawn the combiner, following what is said on screen.
3. After following the instructions and making the meth, use a meth extractor to get it.
4. Put it into a box or those boxes on a crate and transfer to a meth NPC to sell for good money.

Useful In Game Commands:


Pop-up window which leads you to the rules on the forums.


Menu which shows up which gives the ability to report other players for breaking the rules.


Menu which shows up which gives the referral menu in which you unlock items for joining our steam group or inviting people to the server and giving them your unique ID.


The command to access gang menu in which you can edit or access it.


Pop-up window in which it takes you to this link in game.


Link in which it takes you to our discord server.


Pop-up window in which it takes you to our forums.


Menu which shows you packages available for purchase and where to do so.

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