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Title: Carbon's Staff Application
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What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:22336794

What is your Discord ID?: Carbon#3531

What server are you applying for?: Jackal DarkRP

How many hours have you played on the server?: 1

Why do you think you should be staff?: I personally believe that I should be staff because I feel like I bring a lot to the table, I have been not only staff on other servers but I have ran other servers. So I know what I'm doing how do it and I feel like I am the perfect person for the position.

Did anybody recommend you to apply for staff?: The Owner - Angelo

Say someone is blaming another player of breaking NLR, what do you do?: Go to logs, if logs do show that they did break NLR or if the player is who blaming the other player of breaking NLR has visual proof I will warn that person for NLR but if not I was say I'm sorry but sadly I can not warn without visual proof because that would not be fair to the other person.

Another player is blaming another of RDM, how do you respond?: I would check logs and see if they did RDM if they did I would warn them for RDM if they did not RDM I would explain they did not and return both of them, but if the logs do not show that he/she rdmed I would ask for visual proof and if can not be given I will sadly explain that I can not warn someone without proof of them doing this action.

Someone is accusing you of breaking a rule, how do you handle it?: If I can visually see that I did break a rule and or I know, I did I will be the mature person and warn my self for the rule I broke. But if I did not break the rule I will calmly explain that I did not break a rule and if they still feel like I did they can go on the forums and make a staff report on me if they want too.

A player requests the spawn of a weapon, how do you respond?: I politely say no, that would be abusing my power no matter how many people are on the server no matter the circumstance that would be abusing my power so I would politely say no.

It is late at night with very few players on, how do you treat the players?: I treat them like any other day and or night with kindness and respect no matter how many people are on you treat the players with kindness.

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