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Title: HeyItzVinnys staff app
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What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:123183598

What is your Discord ID?:HeyItzWolfie03#8390

What server are you applying for?:Jackal Rp

How many hours have you played on the server?: 9 hours

Why do you think you should be staff?: I have a pretty wide range of time that i can be on and i think i could help out a decent amount with the server.

Did anybody recommend you to apply for staff?:Nope

Say someone is blaming another player of breaking NLR, what do you do?: I get both sides of the story anless i witnessed it and then i give them a warning if they did the action, and if the do it again 1 day ban

Another player is blaming another of RDM, how do you respond?: Get both sides of story and if they did rdm someone then i will continue to give them the proper punishment

Someone is accusing you of breaking a rule, how do you handle it?: Try to understand why they think that and if i see i am in the wrong apoligixe and ask another admin what i should do if i should be punished or not, and if i didnt do anything wrong then i will explain to them that

A player requests the spawn of a weapon, how do you respond?: Tell them no because they have to get their weapons spawned buy buying them

It is late at night with very few players on, how do you treat the players?: Kindly just like i would any other time. Make sure they arent doing anything wrong ect.

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