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Title: the_uknown's Staff Application
Thread Modes
What is your SteamID? :  STEAM_0:1:438588982

What is your Discord ID?: No discord right now

Are you 15 or older?: 13 - 14

What server are you applying for?: Jack Network

If you have, what servers have you staffed on before?: None but on diffrent games

How many hours have you played on the server?: 1 - 2 but ive had a lot of experiences with other dark rp servers.

Why do you think you should be staff?: I want to help the community

Did anybody recommend you to apply for staff?: John wick kinda?

You are in a sit with someone blaming another player of breaking NLR, what do you do?: Say ok and bring the other person to me and let both of them share their side's of the story

Another player is blaming another of RDM in a sit, how do you respond?: Kinda interrigate the "rdm" who did it but be calm and still listen to both sides of storys.

Someone is accusing you of breaking a rule, how do you handle it?: I calmly look at the rules copy and paste it in chat for them to see im not.

A player requests the spawn of a weapon, how do you respond?: I respond sorry but i cant help u whith that.

It is late at night with very few players on, how do you treat the players?: KIndly like normely.
There is a format you must copy and paste into your own post found here:


Until then, I am locking/denying this post.
Grammar is horribly off, discord is required, name of server is wrong, nlr sit is missing some steps, rdm sit is missing some steps, you are not allowed to handle your own sit


Apply back in 2 weeks.

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