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Title: Eddys Staff App
Thread Modes
1. What is your SteamID? (STEAM_0:0:179242875):

2. What is your Discord ID?: WaterMel0n#8119

3. Are you 15 or older?: Yes

4. What server are you applying for?:Jackal RP

5. If you have, what servers have you staffed on before?:GmodEz/ServerEz:Head Mod

6. How many hours have you played on the server?:1

7. Why do you think you should be staff?:Im expirenced i came from the same sever with Theta and helped players too.

8. Did anybody recommend you to apply for staff?: Thet/Delta

9. You are in a sit with someone blaming another player of breaking NLR, what do you do?:Check Logs

10. Another player is blaming another of RDM in a sit, how do you respond?:Check Logs

11. Someone is accusing you of breaking a rule, how do you handle it?: Tell them to report me to the forums.

12. A player requests the spawn of a weapon, how do you respond?: I would say no but if they were rdmed i would give them cash.

13. It is late at night with very few players on, how do you treat the players? Make them have a good time and not get bored

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